A draft paper: UK preparedness for future food system shocks

This is the latest version of the short report under preparation: UK preparedness for future system shocks_9thJuly2020.

  • Please do send us (via: info@birminghamfoodcouncil.org) comments on it, and/or suggest amendments so we can take account of what you’ve said and publish a final version soon.
  • note: The purpose of this document and this review process
    • The impact of Covid lockdown on food supplies throws a harsh spotlight on our response and preparedness for potentially much worse to come; e.g. a mid-winter crash-out Brexit and/or extreme weather events affecting harvests.
    • The arguments & discussions around the document will, we hope, contribute to all of us recognising trouble ahead earlier than we would otherwise.

Several people we’ve been consulting since mid-March for our Covid-19 commentary queried whether or not the UK had stockpiles of safe, nutritious foods for crisis situations such as this pandemic. Comparisons were made to the un-met requirement in March for PPE. Or drugs in the event of a hard Brexit.

Should the UK have stockpiles of safe, nutritious food? If, so, how would such a stock system be set up? What would its structure be? Its governance?

Since the beginning of June, we’ve been interviewing a range of people about the possibility of the UK having such capacity. The draft above is our current thinking in response to what they’ve said and discussed.

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