The Archetypal Household Project

This Project is about the creation and use of a series of 10-12 archetypal Birmingham households. Their purpose is to enable us to create ‘narrativium’ scenarios, grounded by evidence-based work, to engage different audiences with aspects of the food system and the challenges generates for planetary as well as human health.

We envisage this work will contribute to other projects in identifying the impact of existing and emerging stresses, degradations and failures in city’s food supply system.

We have currently completed the first two stages, and are now applying for funding for the third ‘narrativium’ stage.

The first stage was a survey of relevant data sets:

And because there’s evidence the Millennial generation, in the States at least, are making different choices than earlier generations:

note: Re the US data, there is also:

The second stage was to create 10-12 households. Think of them like the sketches of different households you see in the media after the Chancellor’s budget, there to illustrate the effects of it on different demographic and social groups.

We’re embarking on the third stage; i.e. the planning and design of some form of ‘narrativium’ which will interweave these different characters we’ve devised into a series of A Day in the Life of 10-12 real households by oral historians with visual interpretations, culminating in an arts instalment at Ort Gallery.