Food and the city economy: useful info

Our blogposts on food and the economy are here.

Birmingham Food Council (2022) Our response to the Birmingham Food System Strategy: Consultation Draft

Birmingham Food Council (2016) Our response to the Greater Birmingham & Solihull LEP draft Strategic Economic Plan 2016-2030

The food and drink sector: A briefing paper for the Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Council (GBSLEP) January 2016

Birmingham Food Council (2015) Food & the city economy: Tensions, tradeoffs & opportunities

Birmingham Food Council (2015) Coca-Cola & its effects on us and the city

Birmingham Food Council (2015) Perspectives on food and the city economy: The PMCC Framework

Birmingham Food Council (2014) Food and the city economy: An interim report & discussion document

Defra (2023) Independent Review into labour shortages in the food supply chain

Expo Milano (2015) Guidelines Green Procurement (actually published in 2014; for other Expo 2015 publications see here.)

Food Foundation (2018) Affordability of the UK’s EatWell guide

Grant Thornton UK LLP (2017) FDF Economic contribution and growth opportunities

Mayer, Colin (2013) Firm commitment: Why the corporation is failing us and how to restore trust in it. OUP. (Of particular interest see pp89-94, 97-103, 110-11 & 210 about Cadbury.)

New Economics Foundation (2014) Urgent recall: Our food system under review

Oxford Martin School Programme: The future of food In particular, see Emerging forms of food, consumer behaviour and food governance here.)

Sustain (2014) Planning sustainable cities for community food growing: A guide to using planning policy to achieve strategic objectives through community food growing

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We will add links to this kind of info and relevant datasets over the next few months:

See also some specifics on the matter listed on our facts & stats page.