Food safety and food integrity: useful info

Our blogposts on food safety and food integrity are here.

Birmingham Food Council (May 2015) An update on food crime since the Elliott Review.

Cooper, Kate (2014) Elliott Review Birmingham (s.a this link to blogposts about the people, including the Prof, who made it happen)

Croall, H. (2007) Food Crime in Beirne, P. and South, N. (eds) Green Criminology, Willan Publishing

Defra (Sept 2014) Elliott Review into the integrity and assurance of food supply networks: Final Report, September 2014.
(Professor Elliott’s interim report was published in December 2013 and can be found here.

Food Standards Agency Annual Report

Food Standards Agency, August 2015 Birmingham City delivery and compliance audit

Food Standards Agency (2015) Food Hygiene Rating Scheme and Food Hygiene Information Scheme – impact on hygiene standards of food businesses and on the incidence of food poisoning (The full report is here.)

Food Standards Agency (2011) Foodborne disease strategy 2010-2015

Gee, Jack & Button (2014) Minimising fraud and maximising value in the UK food and drink sector 2014: How the UK food and drink sector can improve profitability by cutting the cost of fraud. University of Portsmouth Centre for Counter Fraud Studies.