Our reports & papers

Global risks to UK food supplies. January 2019

Video: Strange New World. November 2018

Annual Report 2017-18. September 2018

Nine meals from anarchy? A brief description of The Scenarios Game. September 2018

Birmingham Food Council response to the draft London Food Strategy. July 2018

Back from the Future: Horizon scanning project report. January 2018

Annual Report 2016-17. September 2017

Briefing the new Mayor: Why food and drink matters. May 2017

Global food resilience and sustainability. Presentation to the Birmingham Smart Alliance, May 2017

Climate change and food security. Notes for the Priory Discussion Dinner hosted by the Lunar Society, February 2017

Our response to the Greater Birmingham & Solihull LEP draft Strategic Economic Plan 2016-2030. September 2016

Annual Report 2015-16. September 2016

The free movement of chocolate: Access to the EU market after Brexit? A referendum briefing paper by Professor Martin Trybus April 2016

The Common Agricultural Policy: A referendum briefing paper by Professor Wyn Grant. March 2016

The food and drink sector: A briefing paper for the Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Council (GBSLEP) January 2016

Food insecurity in Birmingham — A city level response? December 2015

What works: Regulation or voluntary schemes in the food sector? December 2015

Food & the city economy: Tensions, tradeoffs & opportunities. September 2015

Coca-Cola & its effects on us and the city. September 2015

Annual Report 2014-15. September 2015

Perspectives on food & the city economy: The PMCC Framework. July 2015

Community food growing in Birmingham. June 2015

An update on food crime since the Elliott Review. May 2015

Our response to Birmingham City Council Budget Consultation 2015. January 2015

Food & the city economy: Interim report and discussion document. December 2014

Food waste & the city: Interim report and discussion document. December 2014