Panel of Experts

We're delighted with the response we've had from eminent people to join our Panel of Experts. So far, the Panel is six-strong, and we're recruiting a few more people to join them.

Big Food, Big Soda . . . and Birmingham?

No doubt encouraged by the sponsorship deals struck for the London Olympics, Coca-Cola is now paying for activities in Birmingham parks — with the blessing of the City Council who now include Birmingham Public Health. Should we be concerned?

Central Government: Plan for public procurement

The public sector in England currently spends £1.2 billion a year on food and drink. From 2017, buyers ‘are encouraged’ to source fresh, locally sourced and seasonal foodstuffs, in line with the ‘Plan for Public Procurement’ launched on 21 July 2014

Another food scandal in China

It’s widely reported today that five people have been detained in the latest food scandal in China, including the BBC. Allegedly, a Shanghai-based meat plant, Husi Food, has been re-processing expired meat.

‘Food deserts’ in Birmingham

Professor Jim Parle is a practising GP and Professor or Primary Care at the Birmingham Medical School. He is also one of the Food Council directors. In this video interview, part of the Birmingham 2050 Scenarios Project on possible food futures...
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