Thinking differently about obesity

Obesity is a complex issue.  So much so, that Public Health England identify over 100 factors that influence whether or not an individual is obese. So we thought it would be interesting to start a list of some different ways...

Big Food, Big Soda . . . and Birmingham?

No doubt encouraged by the sponsorship deals struck for the London Olympics, Coca-Cola is now paying for activities in Birmingham parks — with the blessing of the City Council who now include Birmingham Public Health. Should we be concerned?

Central Government: Plan for public procurement

The public sector in England currently spends £1.2 billion a year on food and drink. From 2017, buyers ‘are encouraged’ to source fresh, locally sourced and seasonal foodstuffs, in line with the ‘Plan for Public Procurement’ launched on 21 July 2014
The Birmingham Food Council is a Community Interest Company registered in England and Wales number 8931789