@chrisgreybrexit Related topic. Travellers to the EU cannot take British animal products (i.e. meat and cheese) into the EU, but there are no restrictions bringing EU animal products when entering the UK. Why the asymmetry? (I had bacon seized :-/) Retweeted by BhamFoodCouncil 1 week ago

Good piece, not least because it picks up the key issue that post-Brexit loss of access to EU animal disease (etc) notification databases means the often-made claim that 'EU standards are fine so there's no more risk in not having import controls than pre-Brexit' is false.… Retweeted by BhamFoodCouncil 1 week ago

This is what planet Earth's 6th mass extinction looks like, and we are entirely to blame. The big question is.....will we be a part of it?… Retweeted by BhamFoodCouncil 1 week ago

@Baronessjenkin @HenryDimbleby @csjthinktank Glad to hear @HenryDimbleby use the phrase 'drug foods in @BBCr4today — but it needs to be precisely defined. @Botanygeek VAT: a precise mechanism to identify drug-food companies… 1 week ago

@HenryDimbleby What do you say in your book about the impact of this Brexit on UK food security, including food safety, assurance and integrity? 1 week ago

@BBCr4today Ask @HenryDimbleby about 1) This Brexit and its grave threats to food security 2) Action against corporations that make and promote VAT-rated food products — as we do vs tobacco companies… 1 week ago

@r4Today Ask @HenryDimbleby about the threats this Brexit poses to UK food security. 1 week ago

Turnip expose by @itsjamestapper 👏 Andrew Burgess @NFUtweets “Our level of self-sufficiency.. probably.. lowest ever recorded.. below 50% this year.. scary when you think about geopolitics” & my quote on a food system not fit for purpose @UKSustain… Retweeted by BhamFoodCouncil 2 weeks ago

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