@KMedwecka @katecooper @annekadeva @jgetaylor a) In *any* food system at any time, urban food growing at even 0.1% of what's needed isn't 'rather naive'. It's impossible, hence enemies siege cities. b) Re "I'm interested in shortening the farm to fork distance": Why are you? 3 days ago

@KMedwecka @jgetaylor @annekadeva How much land? see Part Two of the Birmingham 2050 Scenarios Probject Report:… 4 days ago

@katecooper @annekadeva @KMedwecka @jgetaylor This might be a helpful read, too. It includes this info-graphic. Also note how these two concepts 'function' space and 'structure' space give a useful way of 'seeing' a system. 4 days ago

Covid won't be the last pandemic. Will we be better prepared for the next one? Un bellissimo pezzo scritto dalla fantastica ⁦@devisridhar⁩, una discussione che in 🇮🇹 dovrà essere fondamentale, per evitare di finire nuovamente travolti dalla realtà.… Retweeted by BhamFoodCouncil 2 weeks ago

Lower yields means higher prices . . . and the pace of climate-related extreme weather events will increase in frequency and severity.… 2 weeks ago

“negligence and maladministration”… 2 weeks ago

Does the EU and UK export thousands of tonnes of banned pesticides to poorer countries? This article suggests they do.… Retweeted by BhamFoodCouncil 2 weeks ago

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