@pmdfoster @UKandEU Arguably, in this city, about half our children are already experiencing a nutrient famine. If that state continues for months, that stunts both bodies and minds. In addition to individual and community suffering, it will affect GDP in 20 years’ time. 53 mins ago

@pmdfoster @UKandEU How many farmers are planning for next year’s crop of products, given labour shortages? Add in climate change, extreme weather, nutrient depletion, growing population, volatile geopolitics and war across a large swathe of arable land in Europe. 57 mins ago

@pmdfoster @UKandEU What’s rarely mentioned is the impact all this has on UK food security. Notice the empty fresh produce shelves in so many of our supermarkets. The ‘hungry months’; i.e. with little harvested here, run from November-May. 60 mins ago

Really interesting & important development - public sector GM research into commercialisation in commodity crop… Retweeted by BhamFoodCouncil 14 hours ago

Also a demo of why we don’t earn our keep as photographers or film-makers. 1 hour ago

Demo #Birmingham is a city of #trees, photos taken on journey home via Coventry Road for students ⁦@warwickuni⁩ who’d only visited the city centre. 1 hour ago

How cracks started to appear in UK’s booming free-range egg market via @FT — fascinating read from ⁦@JudithREvans⁩. file under “Things you didn’t know about things you eat all the time.” Retweeted by BhamFoodCouncil 3 days ago

Low prices received by British Growers for their Food. “Without changes to government policy on labour, energy and imported food, the rate of growers leaving the industry will continue to accelerate until there are just a few left,” #Horticulture #Food… Retweeted by BhamFoodCouncil 4 days ago

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