This is very scary news — think UK food supplies… 11 hours ago

What a sad sight. Europe’s biggest fish market in Peterhead like a ghost town. Built to deal with 10,000 boxes/day but with a few hundred. Boats tied up, exporters crippled. No Brexit image of lorry queues, it’s the sight of trade that isn’t moving at all. Pics via @will051266 Retweeted by BhamFoodCouncil 2 days ago

The EU will seek an extension to the deadline by which the free trade agreement with the UK must be ratified, @rtenews has learned. Two sources have said member states want to extend the deadline from the end of Feb to some time in April. Retweeted by BhamFoodCouncil 3 days ago

Over the past 2 weeks I have tried to order the following from the UK: - curry paste - books - children's clothes - fragrance - tea - magazines I am 0 for 0. I'm not even going to try to get double cream or whisky. So long, British consumer product exports to the EU. Retweeted by BhamFoodCouncil 3 days ago

Jokes about British fish didn't help? Who would have thought...… Retweeted by BhamFoodCouncil 2 days ago

Great to hear @EdenSwimmer on @BBCCountryfile telling of concerns if @DefraGovUK Agriculture transition schemes lead to thousands of farmers going under. ELM Schemes are not replacing BPS but need safeguards. Lovely longhorns too. Retweeted by BhamFoodCouncil 3 days ago

Oh mom dieu look at that absolute unit. Packed up to the very gills with freight arriving back from Cherbourg. Ireland we've got this. #brexit… Retweeted by BhamFoodCouncil 4 days ago

More bad news about inevitable Brexit costs… 4 days ago

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